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About Us

Work Safety Interactive is an Australian company with one purpose in mind only - to make WHS compliance easy for all Australian businesses.

WS Interactive started life as a Work Health Safety consulting company and found that most businesses, large and small, had a general understanding that they had to 'do something' for WHS, but were not sure what.

In response to this market need, the WHS Interactive online system was developed to take all the time, guesswork and cost out of Work Health Safety compliance.

Why use WS Interactive?

Our members simply join Work Safety Interactive to gain access to the Member Area of our system which has all the online forms and tools every business needs for WHS compliance and easy WHS management.

The unique Email Reminders are sent to our members to show them when and how to use the tools in their Member Area to make the necessary records for WHS compliance in about 15 minutes per week. It's that easy.

WS Interactive was built on Australian Standard 4801.

WS Interactive, when used correctly will:

  • Improve employee engagement , through inductions, training, policy formation/discussion and overall useability
  • Improve employer and employee confidence in the safety of the workplace
  • Potentially reduce workplace incidents
  • Reduce the time and cost of compliance