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Q. How do we improve WHS - the Risk Rating System

Q. How do we improve WHS - the Risk Rating System
A strong commitment to the implementation of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) in the workplace is very important.

You will note that you have a 'My History' page in your Member Area of the WSI System.

That page gives you a unique Risk Rating score which shows how well (or otherwise) your workplace has committed and implemented WHS.

Please click on the following link for an explanation of what each Risk Rating score means and how you may improve your Rating over time.

To view the WSI System Plan (which highlights how your WHS will be set up and maintained), please click on the following link:

Basic improvement in WHS will be brought about by committing to respond to and follow the instructions contained within each WSI email reminder sent to you on a regular basis.

The WHS email reminders will contain the information you need to undertake and complete vital WHS tasks to build and improve on your WHS management system over time.

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