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Q. More Info and Online Tools

Q. More Info and Online Tools

Some of the resources and tools you have as a member of WSI:

  • WHS Management (System) Plan - We provide this so your business complies with OHS legislation and Australian Standards
  • WHS Policies and Procedures Manuals - Template document for you to adapt to your workplace (we provide the details on how to do this)
  • Risk Assessments - Are easy with the WSI system 'Tasks' tool which builds risk assessments for you
  • Workplace Inspections - Undertake monthly safety inspections - WSI forms are specific to your industry
  • Contractor Management Insurance Tool
  • Staff WHS Inductions - Ensures staff know their WHS responsibilities
  • Hazardous Substances Registers
  • Training Plan and Registers
  • News Section - keep up to date with the latest WHS news

Some additional information about the WSI system:

Q. I work in (for example) a chemical manufacturing and warehousing company. How is this program tailored to us?

A. The warehouse and manufacturing system option has been tailored for work in your environment through the workplace inspection form - which would list typical hazards and working conditions within that environment AND the policy and procedures manual, which does the same. These and other forms, resources and online tools are based on Australian Standard 4801.

Q. How secure is my company information?

A. No one can access your company information unless they have your login details and our systems are regularly put through the vigorous industry standard security test by Pure Hacking and have never failed.

Q. Can I edit the format i.e. add extra categories in risk ratings or incident types?

A. The risk assessment tool (tasks) allows you to set risk ratings of specific hazards you encounter and incident reporting form is built on feedback from insurers, customers and three WorkCover/WorkSafe Authorities (SA, Vic, NSW) and has built in menus for incident type, body part injured etc. We also have an overall Member Risk Rating function which shows you at a glance how well you are performing with regard to WHS.

Q. Are there different levels of access for different employees, or is it single access only.

A. The system works on one access per workplace location. Employees do not need access as the ship is 'steered' by one person. We can give you a few accounts, but only one account will receive the email reminders when tasks fall due. Some companies have 100 or more locations and the administrator - head office - account can view each of the sub accounts.

Employees are engaged however - example - staff inductions are sent as a reminder every two months. Login and complete a WHS induction with a staff member as some questions asked are for the manager, whilst others are for the employee. Similarly with the WHS consultation and incident reporting tools.

The system is set up to make WHS easy by telling you what to do and when. You login when required and/or if you need to record an incident.

Q. Do I need to load anything on my computer to use this software?

A. No - this is online and your member account is 100% secure. You simply join, key in your details and will be set up on a plan which the system shows you how to execute over time in as little as 15 minutes per week.

Q. How much space will I have to add information, and where is it stored?

You have unlimited space to upload documentation and most of our tools are online and are saved on our two servers. Maximum file upload is 3Mb, but you may upload as many files as you see fit.

Q. What back-up is there if the system goes down?

A. There are two servers - one in Canberra ACT Trans and one in Melbourne. Backed up once per month offsite. In six and half years we have had not one single technical glitch, much less a system shut down.