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Organisations with more than one location are assigned a 'Head Office' administrator account - listing each location and an individual member 'risk rating' for each - so at a glance you know exactly how they're performing.

Head Office and each business location never need to guess what to do or how to use the tools to make the necessary records for compliance.

The system shows you how via email reminders and supporting documents which come through on average once per fortnight.

The WSI system also has 'i' information icons placed throughout the Member Area - which outline important technical information and explain WHS terms and definitions.

Anyone can use the WSI system. Contact Us to get the ball rolling.

Corporate too

Work Safety Interactive offers a branded solution to reduce the internal workload of managing Work Health and Safety. In essence, the system and all its documents are given your look and feel.

With a corporate solution, the HR department has more control and can compare the compliance of different parts of the business. WSI's unique Risk Rating not only shows performance by location but also allows for early intervention to maintain compliance in all areas of the business. Documentation can be managed centrally or at each location.

The WSI system is designed to set up separate accounts for each department which means clearly defined roles for WHS in your organisation.

Being an online system makes implementation simple. The system includes all documentation and ample help making it ideal for a novice. No training is required because the system is very intuitive and instructive.

The Admin functions allow uploading of new modules, sending news items, sending reminders to members, changing the text of most web pages and viewing member activity.

WSI Corporate is a seamless solution that manages Work Health and Safety so your people can get on with their job.

Anyone can use the WSI system. Contact Us to get the ball rolling.