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Avoiding Employee Discrimination - Feb 2012

Avoiding Employee Discrimination - Feb 2012

It is the employer's responsibility to ensure that discrimination does not occur in the workplace.

Discrimination can happen at any time and any place. Always consider the anti-discrimination laws in everything you do in the business, including recruitment.

It's not always easy but a simple checklist will help:


Everyone in the workplace must be treated equally and fairly


Decisions about promotion and the awarding of other benefits must always be based on non-discriminatory criteria and take into account the individual circumstances of an employee.


Always consider a variety of training mediums (e.g. e-learning) and schedules to suit individuals

Shift Allocation

Employees should be given enough notice to allow them to organise their other responsibilities e.g. shared parenting


Employees need not only notice but also a choice when it comes to transfers.


A workplace where open communication is encouraged is one of the best ways of ensuring that discrimination does not occur in your workplace, or if it does that it's dealt with before it becomes a problem.

An online Work Health Safety system such as Work Safety Interactive not only helps you maintain compliance with the law but also enhances the opportunity for communication between management and workers.