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Neck Pain Therapies - Feb 2012

Neck Pain Therapies - Feb 2012

Study explores neck pain therapies

Source: IOSH / Press Association

A study has revealed that people living in richer countries are more likely to have neck pain than those in lower income nations.

It also revealed that office and computer workers are more prone to the condition

An article in Annals of Internal Medicine detailed that people living in low or middle-income countries are less likely to get pains in their necks. It also found that females are more prone to suffer from it than males.

The study also points out the best kind of treatment for this kind of pathology, highlighting that medication for the pain is used commonly but should not replace real treatment. This method is mostly used by office workers who don't have the time to get real treatment.

People who suffer with neck pain will find spinal manipulation the best way to counter the symptoms, although it is hard to find the time to get massages when patients have busy work schedules,

This treatment can be given by osteopaths and some other health practitioners, but self-massage techniques have been effective among those who cannot find the time to go to a clinic. This is also found to be better for the pain than medication.

Head of Professional Development at the British Osteopathic Association Kelston Chorley agrees that the best treatments are the ones without any medication.

He said: "Pain relief medication can be expensive and learning self-massage techniques mean individuals can be empowered to help manage their pain."

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