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Water Recycling - May 2012

Water Recycling - May 2012

What do a brewery and a vast urban development have in common? Two things is the correct answer.

The huge Central Park complex on Sydney's Broadway is being developed on the site of the old Kent Brewery, established in 1835.

More importantly both developments need water, and lots of it.

The original brewery was built on the banks of Blackwattle Creek and if the creek dried up there was a reliable reserve of water located nearby at Prince Alfred Park.

Today a private water company, Water Factory Company, is planning to deliver water to the 1800 apartments and to the businesses that will eventually employ 10,000 people on the former brewery site.

Water Factory Company will also recycle the sewage, run-off and other waste water produced in the development for use in all toilets, washing machines, gardens and air-conditioning towers.

It was impossible for a private company to provide drinking water and treat sewage in private developments until the NSW government passed the Water Industry Competition Act in 2006, the first law in the country designed to encourage private companies to bid for the rights to supply and treat water.

Most NSW apartments have one water meter for the whole block and residents pay an equal share regardless of their actual water usage. In Central Park, each unit will have its own meter, giving residents the same incentive as house owners to save water.

And Work Safety Interactive is proud to supply the workplace health and safety management system for Water Factory Company.