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Chris Beasley, Director

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Chris Beasley is a bit of a strange one - he actually loves health and safety!

He also loves movies and walks on the beach - just check out the picture...

But what makes Chris happiest, is finding pain free health and safety solutions for businesses who don't necessarily love health and safety as much as Chris does (i.e. everyone else).

Chris started his working life doing long hours in low end positions in an Investment Bank in London, having graduated with a degree in Town Planning and after growing up in Queensland.

Coming back to Australia, Chris worked in Commercial Leasing and Management for LJ Hooker in Sydney and in speaking to building landlords,   found out that there were some 'OHS obligations' he needed to be across.

So, Chris undertook a course, then another and pretty soon Chris quit the property game and set up in business as an OHS Consultant.

A casual conversation, again with a property landlord (owner of a chain of hotels), who said 'Surely there is some sort of computer program that tells my Managers in each business what to do and when to do it so we can comply with this OHS stuff?',  got Chris thinking. At that time, there really wasn't such a program.

Chris set about building an online health and safety management system, calling it 'Smart OHS', which essentially simplified health and safety compliance for small to medium businesses by engaging the business via auto-emails with instructions to login to the system and use the online forms available to record necessary ongoing health and safety compliance.

That system is now over ten years old, with many upgrades in the time since, and three years ago, Chris launched Smart OHS' cousin - Work Safety Interactive, which was originally set up to offer a higher-level of support using the system within the golf industry.

Now, Work Safety Interactive is available in over 23 industries and counts: Industry Associations, Insurance Companies and over 3,500 Australian small to medium businesses as clients.

Chris is obviously pretty happy about this, but one thing continues to drive him and the Work Safety Interactive system forward - we make health and safety compliance easy for business!

If you would like to talk to Chris about how you can meet your health and safety obligations easily and without breaking the bank, contact him now, using the details below.

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Ph: 0401 803 302

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