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Max Perry, Director

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Once upon a time, if you wanted to know anything about a motor car, motor bike or caravan on an Australian road, you would just ask Max Perry. He spent more than 20 years building systems and databases to collect vehicle specification and pricing data for The Red Book company. His other hat was the selling of customised data services into the Banking, Financial and Dealership sectors. Max also established Red Book in Thailand which was used as the company bridgehead into China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Middle East.

Needing a change of scenery, Max began helping businesses around Australia with their workplace health and safety compliance, initially using a rather clunky, out-dated system that required a lot of manual input.

With his extensive business and IT background he knew there was a better way to WHS compliance for his clients. Enter Chris Beasley. Together they produced Work Safety Interactive based on Chris' existing system to produce Australia's simplest, quickest and most cost-effective means to workplace health and safety compliance.

Max's existing client base switched immediately to WSI and this was the beginning of a very rapid expansion for the fledgling company. Today the WSI system covers 23 industry types and has thousands of systems installed.

In his spare time Max likes to play golf, cycle and tour with wife Nicola in their retro teardrop caravan.

If you would like to talk to Max about teardrop caravans, or even about how you can meet your health and safety obligations easily and without breaking the bank, contact him right now using the details below.

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Ph: 0414 813 507
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